About Me




I am Vige.Dr (Dr.R.Vijayakumar),

Versatile Veterinarian,


My service to the animals will be endless and forever,


Chocolate Brown Handsome Vet.

Info. about the site:

I mainly developed this site for all Veterinarians, Pet owners, Pet lovers, People working in line of animals and last but not the least – common people,.

Just want to convey info. to people regarding their line of work. mainly i want all people to know their life with animals, how animals play an important role in thier life, also want people to know that how keeping pets can change thier world and can even able to identify and treat certain diseases,

Well, i am not a vegan nor a vegeterian, its people wish that they eat non veg or use leather items, but its my responsibility as a veterinarian to tell u people that once if u adopt a animal or keep a pet or farm animal, i bet u that u can able to know that how good is life with pets and farm animals and the love they show over u can able to change ur mind once forever,